innovative design is my passion

you know you’ve become a graphic designer when…

simplicity and elegance in function

you crash your car into the car in front because…

great enthusiasm for what I do

you were too busy analysing the typeface on a billboard!

Who I am...

Welcome, I’m Jooles – I’m the youngest of 3 and was born and bred in Guernsey in the Channel Islands, moving to Cambridge to study and now live in St Albans. Aside from graphic design, singing is my passion – something that I have been able to continue in the UK both as a soloist and in choirs. I have made some fantastic friends and discovered some extremely inspirational cities with similar friendly cultures to that of Guernsey.

What I do...

I am a part-time freelance Graphic Designer based in London, Cambridge and St Albans. My portfolio of work aims to be visually stimulating – delivering clear and effective communication to a broad range of audiences and sectors.

My approach is simple and friendly with usable design that gets results!


An exciting project...

One of my ongoing projects is a visual exploration into the observed ways our society communicates through paralanguage such as posture, gesture and movement used to modify meaning and convey emotion.

Human communication is said to consist of 70% physical expression and only 30% verbal, however, we now live in a world where face-to-face human contact is rapidly reducing due to developments in electronic communications where so often the true expression and intended meaning is lost or misunderstood.

I am designing a unique visual language for use within email, a very toneless form of communication, to use within a formal, business environment that combines both physical expressions with written words, thus injecting vital clues for a recipient to understand the full extent of the intended attitude and intensity of emotion of the writer.

“Jooles is extremely approachable and able to turn my vague thoughts into something stylish. Her creative ideas are superb and she always delivers on time.”

Trish Grover Director
TG Communications