Transit Sound Brand Guidelines …

Imagine the scenario…Supported by the Arts Council, Cambridgeshire County Council has developed a scheme to enable people in the local community to make their own sound recordings with the help of the Transit Sound mobile recording studio.  This book was created to reveal their newly refined identity, and act as an introduction to the personality, appearance, and voice of the new Transit Sound brand.

Perhaps you’re the local singer-songwriter, and want to record a few of your songs and have them converted to MP3; perhaps you’ve organised a local festival (of any type), and want to document the event for a podcast; perhaps you want to break into radio, and want to know what it’s like to make a show; perhaps you’re just an old romantic, and want to record your voice reading your loved one’s favourite book or poem as a gift; perhaps you’re a birdwatcher or nature lover, and want to record the sounds of night-time creatures at their work.  Whatever you want to do, the Transit Sound mobile studio will roll into your town or village and help you to do it.

The ultimate aim was to reassure that it’s genuine and worthwhile, inspire people to join in and express the service in a creative and engaging way.