Self Promotion Sustainable Design ….

My ultimate aim throughout this project was to prove to prospective employers, my practical ability as a designer and my intellectual understanding of a very real global issue. With many businesses increasingly wanting to minimize their impact on the environment, I wanted to promote just how much power and influence we have as designers in helping companies achieve this.

To demonstrate just how simple this can be when a little thought and consideration are applied, I combined sustainability with the concept that Graphic Designers love beautiful, hand crafted, tactile design that can be kept or displayed.

We all love receiving packages or parcels to open, so after much experimentation I created a package containing 4 items of tactile and sustainable design in its purest form.  This consisted of re-used and recycled items found around my home.  Information was then displayed about the designer and the simple steps needed to steer the design process towards sustainability.

This 100% sustainable package was designed simply to intrigue, inform and inspire…