Deadly Murder …

In November 2011 EVOKE Productions, a Guernsey amateur dramatics company, performed an ingenious thriller written by David Foley and I was asked by the director Chris Bougourd to design the posters and programmes for the show.

The plot revolves around Camille Dragus who has fought her way up from humble beginnings to a glittering Manhattan lifestyle. She has beauty, brains, wealth, and a successful career as a jewellery designer for the leading lights of New York society.

She also has a penchant for attractive men. One night at a society gala she meets Billy, a handsome waiter, but Camille finds herself held hostage at gunpoint by a man who seems frighteningly familiar with the past Camille has struggled to forget.

The play is full of twists and turns, bluffs and double bluffs – a brilliantly intricate thriller that stays one step ahead of you all the way!