Stamp Design UK ‘Firsts’ …
RSA Student Design Awards 2011

Brief: Celebrate the idea of ‘firsts’ and create stamps that inspire the nation whilst instilling national pride. Targeting both a young and old audience of stamp collectors and general public.

Throughout my research of this subject I noticed that the UK had invented quite a few items that can be worn.  Bowler Hats, Flat Caps, Mackintosh Coats, Lifejackets, Shoelaces and Wellington Boots – a simple, uncomplicated subject that I felt would appeal to both young and old.

With everything considered I developed an idea that the stamps would be split into 2 halves of the body, male and female that would be dressed in the above items and peeled off from certain parts of a larger image.

Stamp booklets are often deemed redundant after all the stamps have been used from them and I wanted to try and stop this from happening – making the booklet fun and perhaps even something to keep or display.  This was achieved by revealing ‘undressed’ bodies after the stamps have been peeled away – undressed down to their ‘first’ layer of skin and underwear.  Bringing an element of cheeky surprise!

All in all a fun, resourceful and educational idea that can be easily understood whatever age you are.  The UK can be proud that their history contains so many essential items that have become globally fashionable and popular.