Haunting Julia

Poster and Programme Design

In November 2013 EVOKE Productions, a Guernsey amateur dramatics company, performed this critically acclaimed production by Alan Ayckbourn and I was asked by the director Chris Bougourd to design the posters and programmes for the show.

This is a haunting study of grief, obsession and the supernatural. A chilling, thrilling ghost story that will have you jumping out of your seat.

Julia Lukin was a musical prodigy. At 8 years old she was writing symphonies, by the age of 19 the world was at her feet. Then her body was found in a pool of blood in a dingy attic.

Twelve years have passed and her father has never stopped asking “Why”?

Was it really suicide? Or was someone else with her on that fateful night?

Joe Lukin wants answers – and tonight he will have them…